Meals At The Palace

Meals at the Palace

The Palace of the Republic is a “national brand” of elegance, quality, and refined taste. We are the host of the most important and prestigious events of the year. This fact motivates us to increase, constantly, the quality of our services. Our experience, professionalism and continuous development put us in the top of the favorites of the high-ranking officials and international guests.

The qualified team of the Palace of the Republic prepares the dishes and serves the events, that are taking place inside and outside the institution. The menus proposed by us are personalized and adapted to your intolerances, special needs and food preferences. Our experience allows us to serve about 1000 persons, ensuring them :

  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Festive Dinners
  • Banquets
  • Official receptions, etc.

The meals can be served either in the form of the Swedish buffet or organized in the classic style or even may be, arranged in lunch boxes. As a rule, the coffee breaks, the lunches, the dinners are served in the Swedish buffet’s style, which is an appealing, modern and a very convenient form of serving.

The festive dinners, the banquets are organized at the round tables in the Great Hall – an elegant, refined and spacious hall, which is featuring the enchanting atmosphere of a royal palace.


Our chefs offer you a rich assortment of dishes, so you can select both National and European cuisine.

If you prefer National Moldavian food, we offer a wide menu full of local, national dishes as well as ”traditional pies”. The pies are prepared according to traditional recipes, with different fillings, sizes and shapes.

If speaking about European cuisine, we offer a menu with delicious dishes that can be chosen according to your taste and preferences. The appearance and the delicate flavor of the dishes, prepared by our chefs, create a filling of harmony and pleasure of the taste.  In combination with the entourage of the unique rooms of the Palace of the Republic, the consumption of our meals encourages  the  communication and puts you in a good mood.


The team of the Palace of the Republic is honored to organize your events, in order to be near and support you in the most important moments. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable at your event, while we will take care of the rest.

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